Using a Lead Generation Company: Is it Worth It?

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Aug 24, 2012 @ 05:20 PM

When exploring marketing alternatives and their related costs, the question often arises… Is it worth outsourcing lead generation?

We suggest you consider the following three items before making your decision:

1.)  How much time do you or your staff have to dedicate to lead generation?

2.)  Do you feel comfortable that you have identified the most effective way(s) to reach your target audience?

3.)  What is the “return on investment” from your existing lead generation campaigns?

Answering these questions honestly will give you good insight as to whether using a lead generation company is worth it.  Here is our quick “run-down analysis” to the question – Is using a lead generation company worth it?

1.)  If your answer to question #1 is less than 10 – 30 hours per week AND your company is in the growth mode, this is not adequate for many companies.  The challenge is carving out the time to effectively work in this area.

2.)  If your answer to question #2 is “no” or “maybe” – you might want to consider consulting with a lead generation company just for some ideas.  Remember, you don’t have to fully engage in campaigns if you connect with lead generation service companies.  You might be able to hire them for a few hours to give you ideas.

3.)  If you don’t know your existing return on investment numbers, we again suggest discussing this with the professionals.  These numbers can make the difference in achieving success.

Of course, all of the above suggestions assume that you are engaging with a PROFESSIONAL lead generation company.  Cost is always a factor, too.  For a 25-minute complimentary assessment regarding your specific situation, please email us!

Complimentary Assistance

Also, take a little time and think through your goals.  This article might help you!

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