The Rain Came! Did Your Lead Generation Techniques Make Rain?

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 @ 09:37 AM

Last week I talked about needing rain… Well, thankfully, we got about one inch of rain which could be considered a billion dollar rain for the farmers in our area…!  It is always a good feeling when the rain comes through…

What about in your business?  Unlike the farmer, most businesses have more control of their “rain” through their lead generation techniques.  But, as we all know, “making rain” isn’t always easy.

Let’s do a quick exercise to see if you can make a little rain…

Do you have a list of prospects you have been working with…?  If you do, that is great!  Take a look at those and consider:

1.)  What do they have in common?
2.)  What kinds of “pain” are they experiencing?
3.)  How can your services help?
4.)  What bits of knowledge would you like to have so that you can help them make a good decision as it relates to your services?

Once you have these questions answered.  Develop a 10 – 14 question survey.  Go to my previous blog post to learn more about how to develop the questions.

The goal of this survey is to build your knowledge of the industry and how you can help solve issues and pains.  The prospect should know that you are conducting a study to improve your service to their industry.  At the end of the survey, ask if you can touch base with them after you have had a chance to review the results of the study.

Using what you learned in the study, develop an approach to further your discussion with the contact.  Reference the study the next time you call them and let them know what you learned.

The fact that you care enough to do this will often take you further down the path to making rain!

For some ideas on how to look for the PERFECT LEAD to help you make rain click below!

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