Taking a Vacation from Lead Generation?

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jul 20, 2012 @ 04:47 PM

Guess what is on my mind?!  Vacation!

Yes, I’m looking forward to taking some time off over the next two weeks so you may be missing a few blog posts.  But, a break from lead generation?

Well, maybe not!  That’s tough to do!

However, I’m still maybe a little bit from the old school… as I like to totally disconnect when I’m on vacation.  No email, limited cell phone use, no business phone calls.  The mind should disconnect for a while… take a vacation, too.

But, it is difficult for me to stop my mind from thinking!  So, guess what … the lead generation aspect of my mind probably won’t be on vacation.

We plan to take a trip to Door County Wisconsin.  Sturgeon Bay… Washington Island… We even have a friend who has a cottage on Lake Michigan.  He said we could stop by.

Hopefully, it will be cooler up north than it is here in Illinois as we have had record temperatures.  We’ll see!

Back to the lead generation when on vacation…  Remember this:

1.)  Every situation can present itself as a possible lead generation situation in its infancy

2.)  When you are in a new place (like on vacation), think about who/what/how might fit into your lead generation program.

3.)  As you engage with people when your on vacation and business somehow fits into the picture, ask for their business card.

4.)  If you engage in any transaction while on vacation with a business that you think might be a potential lead, ask if you can contact them when you are back to work.

5.)  Most of all let your mind go… leads might just come automatically when you aren’t thinking about it!  Especially when you are on vacation!!!

We’ll be back in a few weeks!

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