Tips on Better Prospecting

Here is the tip:

Find a few people who enjoy talking (in person or on the phone) and get them excited about your product/service.

Determine a dollar amount you could pay for every sale they bring to you.

If they are excited & love to talk about their excitement, they will be GREAT prospectors for you!

Give it a try . . . we think you will be glad you did!


How would you like to dictate from any telephone – at home, in the office, or while on the run – with same day turnaround?!

This is a great service for those of you who are out-and-about and would like to make notes for your client files, quickly dictate a letter, or give yourself a reminder email.


Would you be interested in checking how your employees’ salaries compare with similar positions in the area? Here is a quick link that will give you a FREE Basic Salary Report for a variety of specific job categorys/descriptions and zip codes:

Salary Wizard |

Have you recently checked your Credit Report?

You probably know that you are entitled to a Free Credit Report every year under Federal Law. In today’s world, where identity theft is so rampant, it is a good idea to check this report periodically.
The official site to obtain this credit report is

It is quick, easy, and secure!

A way to get your name in print quickly…Letters To The Editor

Maybe you can’t get quoted in a magazine or write a column for your local newspaper. But you can always drop a letter to the editor in response to anything you read in publications. And that’s a great way to get your business name in print.

For instance, if your local paper runs an article about how
businesses are suffering in your part of town, dash off a letter to the editor explaining how your business has grown. If you pick up a few good tips in a business magazine or trade journal, send a letter that tells how those tips helped your biz.

Of course, always sign your letter with your name and your business name, and the city and state where you’re located.

Have you ever wondered what day is the best day to send out an email to your clients?

Go to the link below to learn more!

Entrepreneurial Connection

Have you ever had a difficult time making a decision?! Most of us have.

Here is a neat little FREE tool that takes you through five simple steps to help you make a decision.

A few things that will help you:

1.       You might want to take the “Quick Tour” (as recommended on the site) before you try it for yourself – it gives you an example.

2.       It is important to start out with the right kind of
question/decision. (an example might be: I have $2,000 in my marketing budget for this month – where should I invest it?)

3.       Remember that YOU still need to make the final decision 🙂

Choose It

Would you like a FREE color printer?

We were introduced to this program through Xerox a couple years ago and have been very happy with it. It has greatly expanded our printing capabilities in a low cost way.

If you print more than 2,000 pages (black & white counts) per month, you are eligible to apply. The quality is great – professional color (not inkjet), and the service contract comes with it.

Here are three simple requirements (read the website for more details):

1.       You must complete a quick application and then be accepted.

2.       You must print a set minimum number of pages per month (based on
your application) and report your copy count on a monthly basis or
you will be charged a fee.

3.       You must purchase your ink from Xerox’s special member’s website.

I have compared the price on the ink, and it is a little more
expensive than if you go out and shop for bargains. However, it is still a great deal when you think about not having to purchase a good quality color printer.

If you print more than 2,000 pages per month . . . check it out at:

See what you think!

FREE Color Printers

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