Referral Connection | Elite Connection

Referral Connection

For this service, a business hires us to provide a specific service (such as doing tele-marketing research, generating leads, doing a marketing study, building a website, scheduling appointments, etc.)

You pay an upfront fee plus a results-based (residual) fee.

The Referral Connection is a near-painless way for a business to obtain good quality leads and/or appointments.

Benefits to the Referral Connection:

  • Valuable connections – leads or appointments
  • Near-painless “results-based compensation”
  • Knowledge database for the contacts made


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Elite Connection

For this service, we partner with your business and become an “extension” to your marketing/sales dept.

You pay a monthly retainer for a certain set of “expected results”.

Example: A specific marketing project completed monthly.

The Elite Connection is what we strive to achieve with our long-term clients.

For this service, we become an “extension” to your marketing/sales dept and act as part of your team.

It provides the most effective way to accomplish marketing & sales goals and represents a strong working relationship, whereby we can add additional value without compensation restraints. A business must be pre-qualified to obtain the Elite Connection.


Benefits to the Elite Connection:

  • All the benefits to the Referral Connection
  • Plus, an agreed upon “guarantee” of performance in exchange for a retainer-based fee
  • Additional team-based sales & marketing assistance

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