Need Rain? Get Surveys with Results

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 10:34 AM

Here we are… mid-May!  Coming from a family of farmers, I was talking with my brother this morning.  I knew that he was out late planting soybeans last night, and so I asked… only have one more field to go?get surveys with results

He said, “Yes, and we need rain.”  I said, “So, you’ll get the last field planted and then it will rain.”

Of course, he said, “Well, it might not happen that way, but they are expecting a 50% chance of rain later this week.”

Wouldn’t that be perfect if it happened that way?  We’ll see…

Very seldom does everything go “just perfect” in business lead generation (or farming!).  However, when it does, we should remember it and if we can, capitalize on it and redo the same activities to get the same results.

A few weeks ago, our blog article discussed some specific lead generation techniques that can “make rain!”

One of them was to survey some prospects about the PAIN POINTS.  Here are some additional tips to get surveys with results:

1.)  Genuinely consider this survey a study to do market research to help your target market.

2.)  Develop 6 – 12 questions that will give you insights as to how your product/service can help them.

3.)  When you call, ask if you can have 2 1/2 minutes of their time.  Tell them that you are doing a study to help __________________ (the industry you are targeting) with _________________________.

4.)  Tell them that their help is greatly appreciated, and if you have specific questions relating to their responses, would it be ok if you called them back after the survey results are in?  (This will be an entry into having another (better-informed) conversation with them.

5.)  Most prospects appreciate any help they can get with their PAIN POINTS.  Go out and do just that… HELP THEM, and they will want to become your clients/customers if they see that you are great to work with and offer services/products they need!

Need some ideas that relate to your specific situation?  Give our sales department a call at (815) 692-3710 or email us here.

Have a great weekend!

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