Is Your B2B Lead Generation in an Emergency State

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Feb 10, 2012 @ 06:03 PM

The fire sirens just went off outside my office…!  Where is the fire?  What is wrong?  Is someone hurt?  There is an emergency… somewhere…

Makes me think of the state of many companies’ B2B Lead Generation program.  Lead generation is so critical in the state of any company’s health.

How is your lead generation program faring?  In this economy, it isn’t unusual to hear… “My pipeline is dried up?”  “Sales quit coming in?”  “Cash flow is dwindling?”  Emergency situations are not fun.  What can be done to keep emergencies from happening?

fire truck-resized-600The solution goes back to an effective lead generation program.  Here are some tips to keeping your lead generation program vibrant:

1.)  Spend a little (at least) time on prospecting/lead generation each and every work day.

2.)  Implement a plan that you can temporarily “put on auto pilot.”  This could be pre-scheduled emails or blog articles.  (Make sure you have good call to actions that take your prospects to your website’s landing pages so they can become qualified leads!)  It might be that you hire someone or outsource part of the marketing plan so things are happening even while you (and your staff) aren’t working.

3.)  As I mentioned above, make sure that your website is ready and able to handle visitors who have an interest in your services.  If it is set up properly, your website can be the vehicle that handles many of your prospects questions.

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