How Business Lead Generation Can Transform Your Sales

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jun 22, 2012 @ 11:08 AM

There is a difference between business lead generation and sales.  Generally, the lead generation comes first… taking a certain skill set and tool-set.  Then, sales comes in with another skill set and tool-set.

Of course, if you are a one person company or a freelancer, you probably have (or need) both skill sets.  Most likely you realize that getting business leads is a totally different issue from actually making a sale to a warm lead.

Many of our previous blog post refer to using the phone (or telemarketing) as part of business lead generation.  That is because we have found that, especially in the B2B arena, telemarketing is one of the quickest, most efficient methods of generating leads (from a cold market) IF IT IS HANDLED IS A SPECIFIC WAY!

Telemarketing has to be handled very specifically in order to produce good results.  There are too many unprofessional telemarketers out there, and it has given the industry a bad rap.  However, if you work with true professionals, telemarketing can transform your sales.


As a sales person, would you like to:

  • Know about your prospect’s current situation before you talk to him?
  • Know what your prospect is experiencing as far as pain?
  • Have your prospect be open and expecting a call back from you?
  • Be able to plan how to approach your prospect as to how you can best help because of the information you already have?

Would having these capabilities transform your sales process?  Would you like to talk to prospects that already know a little about you and are expecting you to follow up with them?

If you do, then you may wish to consider telemarketing as a part of your marketing campaign(s).  Remember… you don’t have to make cold calls… just find the right person or company that has the experience of telemarketing the right way.

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