Hop on a Bike for Lead Generation Techniques

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 @ 12:54 PM

This week one of the adorable little boys in our lives (Zachary is his name.) learned how to ride a bike without training wheels!  His parents took off his training wheels, gave him a little push, and poof, he was off!Bicycle boy resized 600

Of course, he had to come show us, and we were thrilled!  His biggest problem was stopping… Although he is very cautious and uses his feet to stop before he goes out into the road, he still hasn’t learned how to use the pedals as brakes, but he is doing great.

What can we learn from this to help our lead generation techniques?

Several things…

1.)  Like training wheels, we may need to have some assistance in the beginning.  Our “training wheels” might be expert advice, software packages that help, outsourcing some of the tasks, etc.  We need to accept the fact that we need training wheels in order to be successful at lead generation.

2.)  Have confidence!  Zachary has great confidence in his skills.  He innocently loves to show them off.  He believes that he is doing just what he is expected to do, and he can tell he is doing a great job.  We, too, need to have confidence in our skills.  We need to be able to feel good about showing our products/services to those who need them.  Having the confidence and the knowledge that we are doing a great job really helps in lead generation.

3.)  Thrill your prospects… Just like Zachary thrilled us with his skill… our leads should be thrilled with what we have to offer.

4.)  Be a little cautious about the areas of uncertainty…  As we mentioned, Zachary’s biggest challenge was learning how to stop.  He was cautious as he approached an obstacle… like a road way or another sidewalk, etc.  Although we should have confidence in our skills and abilities, we still need to use caution in areas that could harm us.  For instance, use caution when accepting a new client (are they truly someone you want to work with?), when pricing your services under a new situation (don’t under-price yourself), etc.

Little Zachary can teach us a lot as he learns how to navigate his little bicycle!  We can congratulate him, and you, too, can be congratulated on your lead generation techniques if you follow a little of his “advice!”

Comment on this if you want to learn more about little Zachary and his skills!

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