B2B Telemarketing Services: Are They Worth the Money?

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jul 13, 2012 @ 04:39 PM

Every business has a budget… whether or not it is defined.  You have heard that outsourcing telemarketing to a quality company can really boost sales, but is there room in your budget for B2B Telemarketing Services?

It is true B2B telemarketing can really boost sales.  But, let’s explore some questions:

1.)  What does your company offer?  Products or services?  Are the high or low margin?  What is the size of the typical ticket?

2.)  Do you have a sales team or are you working by yourself?

3.)  Do you enjoy getting on the phone and make calls?

4.)  Does your company separate marketing from sales?

5.)  Do you get leads from your website?

6.)  How do you respond to a lead?  By phone or email?  In what time frame?

7.)  Do you have a system for follow up?

Some of these questions have simple answers, but others will take some thought.  If you would like some help thinking through what bounce some ideas off of someone to see what might be the “right” thing to do, please feel free to contact us at (815) 692-3710 or email us below:


Just as tip…We have found that companies offering business services and/or those who sell high margin products (such as software) often benefit the most from B2B telemarketing.  Does this description fit your business?

We would love to talk to you!  Please call us at (815) 692-3710 to schedule a 20 minute call.

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