7 Lead Generation Website Blunders Companies Make

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jan 20, 2012 @ 03:16 PM

A website is a critical part of a company’s marketing plan.  It is also an important part of a B2B lead generation program.

Let’s talk about some blunders that could hinder the effectiveness of a website:

1.)  Too much emphasis on the graphics and the “look” of the site instead of the content.  When someone surfs the web from a businesses perspective, what are they typically looking for?  Information… valuable, helpful, remarkable information.  Most people don’t want to see a bunch of pictures flashing on the site.  Many don’t even pay much attention to the graphics because they are looking for the answer for which they are searching.

2.)  Unprofessional image – On the other extreme, some websites are totally unprofessional.  They use poor graphics, unprofessional fonts, poor grammar and punctuation, and are unorganized.  An effective site is clean, easily read, and understood by at least a 7th grade level.

3.)  Failing to engage the visitor immediately on the home page. – Engage your visitor immediately on the home page.  Don’t spend a lot of “web real estate” talking about your company or yourself.  Try to answer questions that your target audience would be asking.  Draw them to watch a video or listen to an audio.  Create remarkable content that will engage them immediately.

4.)  No simple call to action in immediate “eye view” on the page – Once you have engaged your visitor with great content, be sure to offer a call to action.  Give them a reason to download a whitepaper or an ebook.  Allow your content to catch their attention to the point that they want more… give them the opportunity to easily request it.

5.)  No Blog – Blogs are what drives search engine traffic.  Search engines are getting very smart in knowing what is remarkable content.  Blogs are the best forum to offer that and thereby drive traffic to your site.

6.)  Difficult navigation – Make navigation easy on your site.  Don’t make your visitors click multiple times to reach their goals.  One click navigation usually gets the best results.

7.)  No capturing of information for future follow up. – Capturing your visitors’ contact information is critical to effective marketing.  Keep the required fields to a minimum (ie email address and first name).  Follow up nicely… surprise them with a bonus… get their attention!

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