5 Tips to Accelerate Business Lead Generation

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Mar 02, 2012 @ 04:22 PM

Business lead generation is a very important part of the success of any company.  Without it, there is little chance for growth, let alone survival.

Granted, lead generation is not often “easy.”  However, because it is so important, the key is to find the best ways to make it a natural, comfortable, and positive part of the business.

First, a whole lot depends on management’s perspective of lead generation.  A first step – a critical step – is for management to place emphasis and importance on the role of lead generation and reward those who work hard to bring in the business (not just the sales people, but also those in marketing).

The acknowledgement from the top down that marketing/lead generation is important for business can do wonders for results!

Secondly, find a comfortable approach.  Consider your business… consider your target market… how do they think?  what is important to them?  what would get their attention?  Develop an approach that is comfortable for both you and them.  This could take some deep thought and creative thinking.  Brainstorm with everyone who plays a part in this critical task.

Plan ahead resized 600Thirdly, put together an overview of steps.  Plan it out from start to finish.  Don’t worry about writing up a 24 page document.  Just outline the steps.  Make it clear for everyone. Get started!

Step #4 – Team up with a buddy.  Following the outlined steps, set goals together.  Hold one another accountable.  It helps!

Finally, REWARD yourself!  Set the rewards ahead of time.  “If XXXX happens, then I will get to take off an hour early…etc.”  Cherish every success.  Let your buddy know.  Celebrate together if you can.

Follow these five steps and you will watch your business lead generation program grow!

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