4 Lead Generation Techniques for Qualified Business

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Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jun 15, 2012 @ 03:21 PM

Looking for “Qualified” business?  We have some ideas for some lead generation techniques to use.

We are believers in direct lead generation techniques… reach out and talk to and meet with your business prospects.  When you actually talk to them, you can more easily sense their attitude toward what you are discussing.

Think about your prospects… if you were them…. how would you like to be approached?  Pretend you have a list of cold prospects… ones you have never seen or met before.

How would you approach them if you believe they would be a good lead for your business?

Here are some ideas:

Do some research on what their company offers, review their website, ask others who may know or have been in contact with them about what they know.  Try to learn the name of the decision maker before you make your first contact.

When you have enough information about them to make an informative call, plan out how you want the conversation to go.  Try to be sure that you have a way that can benefit them, or if you don’t, make sure you plan to ask them specific questions for you to determine how you can help.

Then call them with one of these lead generation techniques:

1.)  If you don’t know how – right off – how you can help them, do a quick study with 10 or few questions.  For more information, read our blog post about Surveying to Get Results.

2.)  If you know how you can help, ask them if they have 2 1/2 minutes for you to share with them how they might be able to _______________________ (how you can help)?

3.)  Or, ask them right off if they have time to meet to learn (how you can help)?

4.)  Or, ask them if (how you can help) is an issue for which they are looking for solutions.  You would like to see if your services are a fit for them.  Would they have XXX amount of time to discuss?

The key to the success of any of these lead generation techniques is being prepared when you make the call.   A direct lead generation campaign like this is a great way to yield results quickly if you have your “ducks in a row!”

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