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The Lead Generation To-do List

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Oct 26, 2012 @ 03:31 PM

Do you like using to-do lists?  When it comes to lead generation, it can be critically important to have list in order to stay on top of it all.It is funny because I really do like using list for my to-do’s, but I seldom do!  I just don’t take the time to make the list… Isn’t that crazy.When things are hectic, you can waste a lot of time by just “not taking the time to do the important things first!”  I might have a solution for you!In my last trip to the book store, I ran across the book, The One Minute To-Do List by Michael Linenberger.  In this book, he writes about how to “quickly get your chaos completely under control.”   On the back it says, “If you feel overwhelmed by too much to do, get this book!”It is a quick read… although I haven’t read it completely yet… I have started implementing his ideas!Here is a great little tool!  It is free on his website:  http://www.toodledo.com/You can add tasks, set due dates, mark tasks urgent, create multiple lists, prioritize your tasks, and STAY ON TOP OF WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!Please give this handy little tool a try.  It is an easy sign-up, and the free version is very user friendly and helpful.Getting back to the “Lead Generation To-do List,” here are some helpful hints:

  • Break down your list into categories (ie Initial Prospecting, Followup, etc.)
  • Inside each category be specific about your task (don’t be too broad because it will never get checked off the list!)
  • Try not to have more than five critical items at one time
  • Put due dates on all your items
  • Use Michael Linenberger’s tool!  It will really help:  http://www.toodledo.com/

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5 Tips to Accelerate Business Lead Generation

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Mar 02, 2012 @ 04:22 PM

Business lead generation is a very important part of the success of any company.  Without it, there is little chance for growth, let alone survival.

Granted, lead generation is not often “easy.”  However, because it is so important, the key is to find the best ways to make it a natural, comfortable, and positive part of the business.

First, a whole lot depends on management’s perspective of lead generation.  A first step – a critical step – is for management to place emphasis and importance on the role of lead generation and reward those who work hard to bring in the business (not just the sales people, but also those in marketing).

The acknowledgement from the top down that marketing/lead generation is important for business can do wonders for results!

Secondly, find a comfortable approach.  Consider your business… consider your target market… how do they think?  what is important to them?  what would get their attention?  Develop an approach that is comfortable for both you and them.  This could take some deep thought and creative thinking.  Brainstorm with everyone who plays a part in this critical task.

Plan ahead resized 600Thirdly, put together an overview of steps.  Plan it out from start to finish.  Don’t worry about writing up a 24 page document.  Just outline the steps.  Make it clear for everyone. Get started!

Step #4 – Team up with a buddy.  Following the outlined steps, set goals together.  Hold one another accountable.  It helps!

Finally, REWARD yourself!  Set the rewards ahead of time.  “If XXXX happens, then I will get to take off an hour early…etc.”  Cherish every success.  Let your buddy know.  Celebrate together if you can.

Follow these five steps and you will watch your business lead generation program grow!

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Enjoy the weekend!

Two minutes to Enhanced B2B Lead Generation

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Mar 09, 2012 @ 06:04 PM

Here it is late on Friday afternoon… I have been wanting to write this all day, but I kept getting interrupted… the sun is shining, you know, and I just had to run out and do some errands!

Actually, I’ll make this quick…

Are you on LinkedIn?  We have found this to be a must – it’s simple and quick to start your profile –  especially for successful B2B Lead Generation.  There are so many strategies that can enhance your marketing success through LinkedIn.  We wrote a quick e-paper on three tips on how LinkedIn can help you “get found” online.

Quick grab our e-paper – illustrating a few simple steps that take about two minutes that may connect you to that “most wonderful lead EVER!”

Hopefully, you have already set up your LinkedIn profile and have a good start to it, but click here to download our short e-paper with the three steps to more online success!

Updating your LinkedIn profile to take advantage of these few simples steps should only take about two minutes.  Quick grab these tips now – just click here.

Hop on a Bike for Lead Generation Techniques

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 @ 12:54 PM

This week one of the adorable little boys in our lives (Zachary is his name.) learned how to ride a bike without training wheels!  His parents took off his training wheels, gave him a little push, and poof, he was off!Bicycle boy resized 600

Of course, he had to come show us, and we were thrilled!  His biggest problem was stopping… Although he is very cautious and uses his feet to stop before he goes out into the road, he still hasn’t learned how to use the pedals as brakes, but he is doing great.

What can we learn from this to help our lead generation techniques?

Several things…

1.)  Like training wheels, we may need to have some assistance in the beginning.  Our “training wheels” might be expert advice, software packages that help, outsourcing some of the tasks, etc.  We need to accept the fact that we need training wheels in order to be successful at lead generation.

2.)  Have confidence!  Zachary has great confidence in his skills.  He innocently loves to show them off.  He believes that he is doing just what he is expected to do, and he can tell he is doing a great job.  We, too, need to have confidence in our skills.  We need to be able to feel good about showing our products/services to those who need them.  Having the confidence and the knowledge that we are doing a great job really helps in lead generation.

3.)  Thrill your prospects… Just like Zachary thrilled us with his skill… our leads should be thrilled with what we have to offer.

4.)  Be a little cautious about the areas of uncertainty…  As we mentioned, Zachary’s biggest challenge was learning how to stop.  He was cautious as he approached an obstacle… like a road way or another sidewalk, etc.  Although we should have confidence in our skills and abilities, we still need to use caution in areas that could harm us.  For instance, use caution when accepting a new client (are they truly someone you want to work with?), when pricing your services under a new situation (don’t under-price yourself), etc.

Little Zachary can teach us a lot as he learns how to navigate his little bicycle!  We can congratulate him, and you, too, can be congratulated on your lead generation techniques if you follow a little of his “advice!”

Comment on this if you want to learn more about little Zachary and his skills!

How Business Lead Generation Can Transform Your Sales

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jun 22, 2012 @ 11:08 AM

There is a difference between business lead generation and sales.  Generally, the lead generation comes first… taking a certain skill set and tool-set.  Then, sales comes in with another skill set and tool-set.

Of course, if you are a one person company or a freelancer, you probably have (or need) both skill sets.  Most likely you realize that getting business leads is a totally different issue from actually making a sale to a warm lead.

Many of our previous blog post refer to using the phone (or telemarketing) as part of business lead generation.  That is because we have found that, especially in the B2B arena, telemarketing is one of the quickest, most efficient methods of generating leads (from a cold market) IF IT IS HANDLED IS A SPECIFIC WAY!

Telemarketing has to be handled very specifically in order to produce good results.  There are too many unprofessional telemarketers out there, and it has given the industry a bad rap.  However, if you work with true professionals, telemarketing can transform your sales.


As a sales person, would you like to:

  • Know about your prospect’s current situation before you talk to him?
  • Know what your prospect is experiencing as far as pain?
  • Have your prospect be open and expecting a call back from you?
  • Be able to plan how to approach your prospect as to how you can best help because of the information you already have?

Would having these capabilities transform your sales process?  Would you like to talk to prospects that already know a little about you and are expecting you to follow up with them?

If you do, then you may wish to consider telemarketing as a part of your marketing campaign(s).  Remember… you don’t have to make cold calls… just find the right person or company that has the experience of telemarketing the right way.

For a short e-paper that outlines some tips about this, just click below:

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Back from a Lead Generation Vacation :-)

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Aug 17, 2012 @ 02:57 PM

Well, we are back from vacation.  Lead generation continued, though!

In Pensacola, we talked to the CEO of a company who might ultimately become a prospect.  His company is developing software to be used in a niche market.  The software is easy to use, and he plans to develop it so that it can be integrated easily into a marketing package.  Hurrah!  That’s what we like!

But, this was supposed to be vacation!

Taking a break from business wasn’t easy, but it is necessary.  It seems to be the best way to “replenish” and “refresh” one’s self.  Here are my suggestions when taking a break (or a vacation):

1.)  Try to get your work to a point that things can go “on hold” so you can “let go”

2.)  Plan enough time to allow yourself to disconnect (I need two weeks)

3.)  Before you go, sketch out your plans for your time away… make them fun and interesting

4.)  Allow yourself time to relax, but keep focused on enjoying the time

5.)  Don’t waste time… It is important time and valuable to your career

6.)  Disconnect… totally disconnect… it is good for you!

If you follow these instructions, getting back into routine once you are back in the office shouldn’t be too difficult!  It allows you to take a whole new look at things in a refreshed way.

Really, if you haven’t taken a vacation…it is time you do!

CTA-Download 7 Signs to a Perfect Lead

7 Keys for Business to Business Lead Generation

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jun 08, 2012 @ 12:00 PM

Everyone in business is interested in business lead generation, right?  Obviously, for a B2B company, business lead generation drives sales.  Read on for seven important keys to success…

This articles is primarily written for the “business to business” (B2B) company as some of these keys may not apply to the “business to consumer” (B2C) company.

What venue REALLY works for B2B?  Social media?  Email marketing?  Direct Mail?  Radio/TV?  Telemarketing?

If you are selling products or services to other businesses, here are some keys to remember:

1.)  Narrowly define your market.  Who really are your ideal customers/clients?  Which market makes the most profit in your business?  Who do you enjoy working with?  Where can you be the most helpful?  Who will best help you grow your business to where you want to go?  Answering these questions will help you define the market which is the first important step in successful lead generation.

2.)  Determine how to best reach your target market.  Once you have defined your market, think about things from their perspective.  If you were in their shoes and needed your services, where would you look for help?  Who would you listen to? talk to?  What would you read?  How could you be reached?  What would get your attention?  Once you determine these answers… go and get in front of them where they will find you.

3.)  Be open to creative, innovative ideas.  Times are changing quickly, and it is critical to stay on top of the new marketing ideas.  This is not saying that you should jump in and do everything.  It is just critical to stay open-minded.  If you know of another company that had great success in a certain area, take the time to see if what you are doing might compare.  Do some research before you jump in, but stay open.  As an example, we have learned that there is a lot of hype out there about how social media can bring success to your business.  Social media marketing can eat up a lot of time.  As a B2B company, it is critical to get good solid answers to #2 – know where to reach your target market.  Most likely they are not on all social media platforms… where do they spend their time from a business perspective?  At this point it probably isn’t Facebook.  But, what about LinkedIn? or Twitter?  Do your research and stay open-minded.

4.)  Help solve problems, don’t sell.  Today, business people are smart.  They have done their research about your product and/or service, probably before you have had a good chance to talk to them.  They most likely already know what your competition is like.  Don’t sell them.  Help them.  Ask them what problems they would like solved.  Show them how you can help.

5.)  Be likeable.  A good friend of ours, Brent Kelly, with Clemens Insurance, recently posted a blog about the 10 Top Tips for New Insurance Producers.  One of his tips was “Be Likeable.”  People buy from those they like!

6.)  Love your prospectsBrent also says, this… Follow the Golden Rule, and treat them the way you would be treated.  This is so critical in B2B lead generation.  And, actually, if you can truly “love your prospects,” it will show through, and they will see it and know they can trust you.

7.)  Always do the right thing.  Integrity rules.  This almost goes without saying.  But, we had to include it because it is a timeless principle that should not be left unsaid.  It may often be tempting to exaggerated the truth or leave an important point out, but integrity rules.  In the end, it always wins.

Hope these keys are helpful to you in your lead generation efforts!  Please email us if we can help you in any way.

We mentioned LinkedIn above… Here are some tips that might help you… Please share!

How to Make Rain with Lead Generation Campaigns

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Thu, May 24, 2012 @ 02:44 PM

You might be asking what does “making rain” have to do with lead generation campaigns?!

As a follow up from last week’s blog post… we needed rain badly.  Thankfully, Sunday we got a half inch on some of the farms, less on others.  At least we got some rain!Make Rain-More Leads

But guess what!  Here it is not even a week later, and we REALLY need rain again.  Does this remind you of B2B lead generation?  Always need more leads.

It is fun for me to compare RAIN with LEADS.  Having grown up on a farm, my heart is still there (at least a little bit.)  I still get concerned when it gets dry and there are acres and acres of corn and soybeans hurting badly.

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) there is little farmers can do to make rain.  Contrary-wise, there is a lot most of our businesses can do to “make rain!”  It is called “lead generation.”

Last week we talked about some lead generation techniques using surveys.  This is a unique form of lead generation that can yield results quickly.

We will soon be releasing a case study about a campaign we just completed for one of our clients.  They received 64 potential leads from one short campaign.

Stay tuned to learn how this company:

  • Sharpened their knowledge about the market they wanted to attract
  • Filtered out possible leads that had a mind-set bent toward the usage of their product.
  • Created a situation where dozens of leads were expecting a call back
  • Made some sales within a few weeks from the first call

This was accomplished using the survey technique.  Some key points for success when using these lead generation techniques are:

  • Be sincere in your effort to help
  • Stay natural – be yourself
  • Show value

If you would like to learn more about this specific form of lead generation or want more details about this campaign, please reply to this email or call us at (815) 692-3710.

Question: Best time for business lead generation?

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Apr 27, 2012 @ 03:24 PM

Don’t they all say that timing is critical with everything?  Make sure you choose the right time for this or that…

Well, we believe that there is never (or almost never) a bad time to work on business lead generation.  Now, of course, we don’t suggest going around blabbing about your business all the time!  What we mean is . . . Always be aware of looking for a possible opportunity that may lead you to a good lead.

As I’ll be flying to Oregon next week on business, my mind goes to a previous flight I had…

Here’s the story:Airplane20380574

Several years ago I was flying back from Boston and happened to sit next to a nice young man (early twenties at the time).  Normally, I am not one to easily strike up a conversation with a stranger, but something about this young man engaged me.  We started talking about our different lines of work.

He worked for a manufacturing company and was on his way to a big trade show.  As young as he was, it would not have seemed on the surface that he would be in the position to discuss their company’s marketing goals.

However, I quickly discovered that this young man was sharp and knew how to work and was going to be going places within his company.  We talked about possible ways that we could help them through telemarketing lead generation campaigns.  Yet today, our memories go back to how we met….our first conversation in the airplane!

So, you never know when you might stumble upon a lead.  Just keep your ears open!

For seven signs of a perfect lead… don’t forget to download our e-paper.  See below!

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Have a great weekend.

Blogging Tips for this Time of Year

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Apr 06, 2012 @ 09:47 AM

Here it is Easter weekend!  One of my favorite times of year.
The air is fresh this morning, and things are bursting with life. Easter

The lilac’s aroma fills our back yard and the grass is green and new.  The deer run in the timber with their young and the bunnies hop in the yards.  What a great time!

And me… here I am quickly typing out my blog before I head home for a long weekend.  My goal is to give you just a few blogging tips to help you with your business lead generation.

Blogging can be fun… If you aren’t a “natural writer” you need to make it that way!  Here are some quick tips:

1.)  Write a list of topics you enjoy to think about

2.)  Develop ways to weave these tops into your business writing

3.)  Come up with another list of “long-tailed” keywords that pertain to your business

4.)  Write five blog titles that contain a “long-tailed” keyword

5.)  Develop a “blog calendar.”

6.)  Write! … using the titles as the start and weave in your topics and your keywords.

7.)  Have fun!

If you want some more ideas, feel free to give us a call or email us!  We would love to hear from you.

May you have a wonderful Easter as we remember the true meaning of this important holdiay!

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