Hop on a Bike for Lead Generation Techniques

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 @ 12:54 PM

This week one of the adorable little boys in our lives (Zachary is his name.) learned how to ride a bike without training wheels!  His parents took off his training wheels, gave him a little push, and poof, he was off!Bicycle boy resized 600

Of course, he had to come show us, and we were thrilled!  His biggest problem was stopping… Although he is very cautious and uses his feet to stop before he goes out into the road, he still hasn’t learned how to use the pedals as brakes, but he is doing great.

What can we learn from this to help our lead generation techniques?

Several things…

1.)  Like training wheels, we may need to have some assistance in the beginning.  Our “training wheels” might be expert advice, software packages that help, outsourcing some of the tasks, etc.  We need to accept the fact that we need training wheels in order to be successful at lead generation.

2.)  Have confidence!  Zachary has great confidence in his skills.  He innocently loves to show them off.  He believes that he is doing just what he is expected to do, and he can tell he is doing a great job.  We, too, need to have confidence in our skills.  We need to be able to feel good about showing our products/services to those who need them.  Having the confidence and the knowledge that we are doing a great job really helps in lead generation.

3.)  Thrill your prospects… Just like Zachary thrilled us with his skill… our leads should be thrilled with what we have to offer.

4.)  Be a little cautious about the areas of uncertainty…  As we mentioned, Zachary’s biggest challenge was learning how to stop.  He was cautious as he approached an obstacle… like a road way or another sidewalk, etc.  Although we should have confidence in our skills and abilities, we still need to use caution in areas that could harm us.  For instance, use caution when accepting a new client (are they truly someone you want to work with?), when pricing your services under a new situation (don’t under-price yourself), etc.

Little Zachary can teach us a lot as he learns how to navigate his little bicycle!  We can congratulate him, and you, too, can be congratulated on your lead generation techniques if you follow a little of his “advice!”

Comment on this if you want to learn more about little Zachary and his skills!

How Business Lead Generation Can Transform Your Sales

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jun 22, 2012 @ 11:08 AM

There is a difference between business lead generation and sales.  Generally, the lead generation comes first… taking a certain skill set and tool-set.  Then, sales comes in with another skill set and tool-set.

Of course, if you are a one person company or a freelancer, you probably have (or need) both skill sets.  Most likely you realize that getting business leads is a totally different issue from actually making a sale to a warm lead.

Many of our previous blog post refer to using the phone (or telemarketing) as part of business lead generation.  That is because we have found that, especially in the B2B arena, telemarketing is one of the quickest, most efficient methods of generating leads (from a cold market) IF IT IS HANDLED IS A SPECIFIC WAY!

Telemarketing has to be handled very specifically in order to produce good results.  There are too many unprofessional telemarketers out there, and it has given the industry a bad rap.  However, if you work with true professionals, telemarketing can transform your sales.


As a sales person, would you like to:

  • Know about your prospect’s current situation before you talk to him?
  • Know what your prospect is experiencing as far as pain?
  • Have your prospect be open and expecting a call back from you?
  • Be able to plan how to approach your prospect as to how you can best help because of the information you already have?

Would having these capabilities transform your sales process?  Would you like to talk to prospects that already know a little about you and are expecting you to follow up with them?

If you do, then you may wish to consider telemarketing as a part of your marketing campaign(s).  Remember… you don’t have to make cold calls… just find the right person or company that has the experience of telemarketing the right way.

For a short e-paper that outlines some tips about this, just click below:

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B2B Telemarketing: Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Huge Success

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jul 06, 2012 @ 09:47 AM

Many successful companies have used B2B telemarketing as a primary way to achieve huge success.  Would you like to:

  1. Quickly reach your prospects?B2B Telemarketing
  2. Give your prospects a warm sense of hope?
  3. Call of prospects who are open to a call from you?
  4. Learn how you can best help your prospects before you ever visit with them?

That’s how B2B telemarketing achieves huge success!!  If handled correctly, telemarketing offers a warmer, kinder, more empathic way to reach the potential prospect.  It also offers a way to do some fact finding to see if truly there is a good fit for the prospect.

If the goal of a B2B telemarketing campaign is to REALLY HELP, then there is a huge possibility for success.

But there are obstacles to overcome… Let’s list a few:

  1. Getting a good list of prospects
  2. Determining the appropriate approach
  3. Identifying the specific goal of the call
  4. Finding the right caller
  5. Measuring the ROI

Because of all the obstacles, some companies are overwhelmed and stop short of even considering the possibility.  It is very understandable… especially since telemarketing has a “bad rap” due to companies doing it the wrong way.

But there is a right way… overcoming the obstacles is the first step!  Watch for more information on how to overcome these obstacles in future posts.


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B2B Telemarketing Services: Are They Worth the Money?

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jul 13, 2012 @ 04:39 PM

Every business has a budget… whether or not it is defined.  You have heard that outsourcing telemarketing to a quality company can really boost sales, but is there room in your budget for B2B Telemarketing Services?

It is true B2B telemarketing can really boost sales.  But, let’s explore some questions:

1.)  What does your company offer?  Products or services?  Are the high or low margin?  What is the size of the typical ticket?

2.)  Do you have a sales team or are you working by yourself?

3.)  Do you enjoy getting on the phone and make calls?

4.)  Does your company separate marketing from sales?

5.)  Do you get leads from your website?

6.)  How do you respond to a lead?  By phone or email?  In what time frame?

7.)  Do you have a system for follow up?

Some of these questions have simple answers, but others will take some thought.  If you would like some help thinking through what bounce some ideas off of someone to see what might be the “right” thing to do, please feel free to contact us at (815) 692-3710 or email us below:


Just as tip…We have found that companies offering business services and/or those who sell high margin products (such as software) often benefit the most from B2B telemarketing.  Does this description fit your business?

We would love to talk to you!  Please call us at (815) 692-3710 to schedule a 20 minute call.

Taking a Vacation from Lead Generation?

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jul 20, 2012 @ 04:47 PM

Guess what is on my mind?!  Vacation!

Yes, I’m looking forward to taking some time off over the next two weeks so you may be missing a few blog posts.  But, a break from lead generation?

Well, maybe not!  That’s tough to do!

However, I’m still maybe a little bit from the old school… as I like to totally disconnect when I’m on vacation.  No email, limited cell phone use, no business phone calls.  The mind should disconnect for a while… take a vacation, too.

But, it is difficult for me to stop my mind from thinking!  So, guess what … the lead generation aspect of my mind probably won’t be on vacation.

We plan to take a trip to Door County Wisconsin.  Sturgeon Bay… Washington Island… We even have a friend who has a cottage on Lake Michigan.  He said we could stop by.

Hopefully, it will be cooler up north than it is here in Illinois as we have had record temperatures.  We’ll see!

Back to the lead generation when on vacation…  Remember this:

1.)  Every situation can present itself as a possible lead generation situation in its infancy

2.)  When you are in a new place (like on vacation), think about who/what/how might fit into your lead generation program.

3.)  As you engage with people when your on vacation and business somehow fits into the picture, ask for their business card.

4.)  If you engage in any transaction while on vacation with a business that you think might be a potential lead, ask if you can contact them when you are back to work.

5.)  Most of all let your mind go… leads might just come automatically when you aren’t thinking about it!  Especially when you are on vacation!!!

We’ll be back in a few weeks!

Back from a Lead Generation Vacation :-)

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Aug 17, 2012 @ 02:57 PM

Well, we are back from vacation.  Lead generation continued, though!

In Pensacola, we talked to the CEO of a company who might ultimately become a prospect.  His company is developing software to be used in a niche market.  The software is easy to use, and he plans to develop it so that it can be integrated easily into a marketing package.  Hurrah!  That’s what we like!

But, this was supposed to be vacation!

Taking a break from business wasn’t easy, but it is necessary.  It seems to be the best way to “replenish” and “refresh” one’s self.  Here are my suggestions when taking a break (or a vacation):

1.)  Try to get your work to a point that things can go “on hold” so you can “let go”

2.)  Plan enough time to allow yourself to disconnect (I need two weeks)

3.)  Before you go, sketch out your plans for your time away… make them fun and interesting

4.)  Allow yourself time to relax, but keep focused on enjoying the time

5.)  Don’t waste time… It is important time and valuable to your career

6.)  Disconnect… totally disconnect… it is good for you!

If you follow these instructions, getting back into routine once you are back in the office shouldn’t be too difficult!  It allows you to take a whole new look at things in a refreshed way.

Really, if you haven’t taken a vacation…it is time you do!

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Using a Lead Generation Company: Is it Worth It?

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Aug 24, 2012 @ 05:20 PM

When exploring marketing alternatives and their related costs, the question often arises… Is it worth outsourcing lead generation?

We suggest you consider the following three items before making your decision:

1.)  How much time do you or your staff have to dedicate to lead generation?

2.)  Do you feel comfortable that you have identified the most effective way(s) to reach your target audience?

3.)  What is the “return on investment” from your existing lead generation campaigns?

Answering these questions honestly will give you good insight as to whether using a lead generation company is worth it.  Here is our quick “run-down analysis” to the question – Is using a lead generation company worth it?

1.)  If your answer to question #1 is less than 10 – 30 hours per week AND your company is in the growth mode, this is not adequate for many companies.  The challenge is carving out the time to effectively work in this area.

2.)  If your answer to question #2 is “no” or “maybe” – you might want to consider consulting with a lead generation company just for some ideas.  Remember, you don’t have to fully engage in campaigns if you connect with lead generation service companies.  You might be able to hire them for a few hours to give you ideas.

3.)  If you don’t know your existing return on investment numbers, we again suggest discussing this with the professionals.  These numbers can make the difference in achieving success.

Of course, all of the above suggestions assume that you are engaging with a PROFESSIONAL lead generation company.  Cost is always a factor, too.  For a 25-minute complimentary assessment regarding your specific situation, please email us!

Complimentary Assistance

Also, take a little time and think through your goals.  This article might help you!

Choose Lead Generation Companies Carefully

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, May 04, 2012 @ 02:16 PM

Do you use a lead generation company to help with your marketing?

Most businesses need to generate leads… some how, some way… Many try to find the time to do it themselves… but then, who is responsible?  Marketing?  Sales?  Good question.

One option is to outsource to lead generation companies.  The problem is… what company?  Who can do what we need them to do?  Who can we trust?

Before you even start looking, here are some key things to consider:

  1. Exactly what do you want to outsource?  Tele-marketing?  Cold-calling?  Print?  Website Traffic? Social Media?
  2. Know your lead… do you have it defined?  Here are some Know-Your-Lead tips on defining your lead:
  3. What are your goals for this venture?  Are they quantifiable?  Five leads?  20,000 visitors?
  4. What is the time frame you are willing to invest in the venture?  Most lead generation takes time… it doesn’t happen overnight.
  5. Are your goals realistic for the time frame?
  6. Make sure you have all the answers to these questions.  Then, our suggestion is to check with other companies you know.  See who they use for outsourcing… are they happy?
  7. Make sure they are outsourcing the same types of services you would be looking for… as some companies are good at certain functions and not at others – even though they may say they offer all of them.
  8. Referrals are the best way to feel comfortable with the outsourcing process.  The more confidence you have in the company that is referring you, the better the chance that the company will be what they say they are!

Good luck and let us know if we can help you in any way.

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Mother’s Day and Cold Calling Effectiveness

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, May 11, 2012 @ 11:25 AM

So Mother’s Day weekend is upon us!   You might ask, “What does Mother’s Day have to do with effective lead generation?”

Think about this:Mothers Day-Cold-calling-effectiveness

  • You love your mother (most likely)!
  • You would do almost anything to help her in any way you can.
  • It is easy to talk to her.  If she needs you (or if you need her), you can easily and naturally figure out how you can help.
  • You only want what is best for your mother.

Guess what?!  Feel this way toward your lead/prospects, too.  They need you, and you want to help them.  It’s as simple as that… love them and want only what is best for them!

As it relates to cold calling effectiveness, let’s think about this:

When you call your mother, she probably knows it is you.  But what does she do when someone “cold calls” her?  If you are cold-calling (most likely you aren’t calling a residence, but are calling a business) and the person who answers is not overly-friendly… think about how your mother would be.  Does she like cold callers?

Now, what could you say to your mother that would make her “friendlier?”  What about, “Hope I didn’t catch you in the middle of something!”  She would probably say, “Well, I was just ….”  Then, could you say, “Oh, I’m sorry, when might be a better time to call back?”

What would she say then?  Most likely, “What is it that you are calling about?”  The next line you say is very critical to your success.  You MUST think about what would your mother say and do.

You might say, “If you have just two and a half minutes…”  Then, be prepared with something substantial that will catch her attention and let her know that you want to help HER.

Also, you respect your mother’s time.  So, if you say “two and a half minutes,” keep it to that, unless the lead/prospect is the one chatting (then you are not the one taking up the time.)

Pure cold calling is not usually the “all-important part” of a company’s lead generation… we know that.  However, we recommend cold calling in certain specific instances as being the most effective way to reach leads the fastest and potentially fill your pipeline.

Take a peek at this article for a few more hints about lead generation and filling your pipeline!

Want to know when we recommend “cold calling?” Call our sales department at (815) 692-3710 or reply to this email.  There will be no pressure to buy.  We first need to know if we can help you!  Of course, we want only what’s best for you… like we feel about our mother!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Need Rain? Get Surveys with Results

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 10:34 AM

Here we are… mid-May!  Coming from a family of farmers, I was talking with my brother this morning.  I knew that he was out late planting soybeans last night, and so I asked… only have one more field to go?get surveys with results

He said, “Yes, and we need rain.”  I said, “So, you’ll get the last field planted and then it will rain.”

Of course, he said, “Well, it might not happen that way, but they are expecting a 50% chance of rain later this week.”

Wouldn’t that be perfect if it happened that way?  We’ll see…

Very seldom does everything go “just perfect” in business lead generation (or farming!).  However, when it does, we should remember it and if we can, capitalize on it and redo the same activities to get the same results.

A few weeks ago, our blog article discussed some specific lead generation techniques that can “make rain!”

One of them was to survey some prospects about the PAIN POINTS.  Here are some additional tips to get surveys with results:

1.)  Genuinely consider this survey a study to do market research to help your target market.

2.)  Develop 6 – 12 questions that will give you insights as to how your product/service can help them.

3.)  When you call, ask if you can have 2 1/2 minutes of their time.  Tell them that you are doing a study to help __________________ (the industry you are targeting) with _________________________.

4.)  Tell them that their help is greatly appreciated, and if you have specific questions relating to their responses, would it be ok if you called them back after the survey results are in?  (This will be an entry into having another (better-informed) conversation with them.

5.)  Most prospects appreciate any help they can get with their PAIN POINTS.  Go out and do just that… HELP THEM, and they will want to become your clients/customers if they see that you are great to work with and offer services/products they need!

Need some ideas that relate to your specific situation?  Give our sales department a call at (815) 692-3710 or email us here.

Have a great weekend!

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