The Lead Generation To-do List

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Oct 26, 2012 @ 03:31 PM

Do you like using to-do lists?  When it comes to lead generation, it can be critically important to have list in order to stay on top of it all.It is funny because I really do like using list for my to-do’s, but I seldom do!  I just don’t take the time to make the list… Isn’t that crazy.When things are hectic, you can waste a lot of time by just “not taking the time to do the important things first!”  I might have a solution for you!In my last trip to the book store, I ran across the book, The One Minute To-Do List by Michael Linenberger.  In this book, he writes about how to “quickly get your chaos completely under control.”   On the back it says, “If you feel overwhelmed by too much to do, get this book!”It is a quick read… although I haven’t read it completely yet… I have started implementing his ideas!Here is a great little tool!  It is free on his website: can add tasks, set due dates, mark tasks urgent, create multiple lists, prioritize your tasks, and STAY ON TOP OF WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!Please give this handy little tool a try.  It is an easy sign-up, and the free version is very user friendly and helpful.Getting back to the “Lead Generation To-do List,” here are some helpful hints:

  • Break down your list into categories (ie Initial Prospecting, Followup, etc.)
  • Inside each category be specific about your task (don’t be too broad because it will never get checked off the list!)
  • Try not to have more than five critical items at one time
  • Put due dates on all your items
  • Use Michael Linenberger’s tool!  It will really help:

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How to Make 2012 a Great Year for Lead Generation

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Thu, Dec 29, 2011 @ 06:20 PM

Happy New Year!  Here we are already at the end of 2011!  Ready for a fresh start to a brand-new year.

Is lead generation at the top of your list?  Let’s make it exciting!  Here are some quick tips for January:

– Read our recent blog posts to see how to make lead generation productive and fun.

– Make getting email addresses a key part of lead generation.  Nurture your prospects by emailing them valuable information that speaks to their pains.  If someone is remotely interested in your service now, who knows how quickly they may become a client.

– Truly want to help people… be real and become a problem solver for those who you touch.

– Set a plan in motion now (our previous posts may help you).  It doesn’t take as much as you think!  Just decide to talk to, contact, or email 3 to 6 prospects each day.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy New Year!  Will be in touch again in 2012!

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Grab These Quick Lead Generation Techniques

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jan 13, 2012 @ 05:46 PM

As we begin a New Year, lead generation is heating up in many companies.  We are all set to make 2012 a great year for business, and one fundamental activity for that to happen is to generate good leads.

In B2B lead generation, email marketing is becoming more and more critical.  We are not talking about emailing to thousands of addresses who have never had any contact with you before.  We are talking about selectively email potential prospects with the intent to add value to their business.  In showing them value, you are creating a “good feeling” for when they think of you.

Quickly plan out five email topics which would be of interest to twenty of your top prospects.  Schedule and plan out a campaign using these email topics.  Once you have the topics identified, here are 7 easy steps to writing your email:

1.)  Draft a captivating Subject Line… make sure to use an Action Verb and a few words that will grab their attention.  The subject line should not be long… preferably less than 50 characters

2.)  Address your prospect personally… saying something like… “Good morning, John”

3.)  In the first sentence of your email, tie back to your subject line.  This adds authenticity to your message.  This introductory paragraph should only be a few sentences long.

4.)  When writing the body of the email, use bullets to grab attention and highlight important parts.  Keep the body pretty short, but include links to your website or to helpful tips that add value to your message.

5.)  Be sure to have a “Call to Action.”  It could be a download from your site, or it could be a request to comment on your blog.  Or, maybe you want them to hit “reply” and just give you a short answer of some kind.  Show that you have an interest in helping them, and if they just (take your call to action) they will get some more value.

6.)  Close with a message that shows that you plan to continue your contact.  Maybe say, “Until later” or “I’ll be in touch.”  If you say you will follow up, please do.

7.)  Finally, be sure to track who opens your emails and who clicks on your links.  Then, take action.  These are potentially warm prospects… don’t lose them.  Help them help you kick off your 2012 lead generation with a great start!

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7 Lead Generation Website Blunders Companies Make

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Jan 20, 2012 @ 03:16 PM

A website is a critical part of a company’s marketing plan.  It is also an important part of a B2B lead generation program.

Let’s talk about some blunders that could hinder the effectiveness of a website:

1.)  Too much emphasis on the graphics and the “look” of the site instead of the content.  When someone surfs the web from a businesses perspective, what are they typically looking for?  Information… valuable, helpful, remarkable information.  Most people don’t want to see a bunch of pictures flashing on the site.  Many don’t even pay much attention to the graphics because they are looking for the answer for which they are searching.

2.)  Unprofessional image – On the other extreme, some websites are totally unprofessional.  They use poor graphics, unprofessional fonts, poor grammar and punctuation, and are unorganized.  An effective site is clean, easily read, and understood by at least a 7th grade level.

3.)  Failing to engage the visitor immediately on the home page. – Engage your visitor immediately on the home page.  Don’t spend a lot of “web real estate” talking about your company or yourself.  Try to answer questions that your target audience would be asking.  Draw them to watch a video or listen to an audio.  Create remarkable content that will engage them immediately.

4.)  No simple call to action in immediate “eye view” on the page – Once you have engaged your visitor with great content, be sure to offer a call to action.  Give them a reason to download a whitepaper or an ebook.  Allow your content to catch their attention to the point that they want more… give them the opportunity to easily request it.

5.)  No Blog – Blogs are what drives search engine traffic.  Search engines are getting very smart in knowing what is remarkable content.  Blogs are the best forum to offer that and thereby drive traffic to your site.

6.)  Difficult navigation – Make navigation easy on your site.  Don’t make your visitors click multiple times to reach their goals.  One click navigation usually gets the best results.

7.)  No capturing of information for future follow up. – Capturing your visitors’ contact information is critical to effective marketing.  Keep the required fields to a minimum (ie email address and first name).  Follow up nicely… surprise them with a bonus… get their attention!

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Use Foresight When Reviewing Your B2B Lead Generation Plan

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Thu, Feb 02, 2012 @ 07:13 AM

This morning as I was driving to work, it was very, very foggy.  It made me think of how dangerous it is to move down a path… any path… and not be able to see what is in front of you.

When reviewing and implementing your lead generation program, be sure to take a look ahead and plan for what is coming.  Too often businesses launch a lead generation campaign and don’t think about what to do when the leads actually come in!

Seems silly, doesn’t it?!  But, think about it… have you ever sent out an email campaign asking for a response and then when suddenly you started getting a bunch of replies, you were overwhelmed?

Using foresight is the key.  Also, when you launch a campaign, EXPECT to receive leads.  If you go into the program with a sound expectation, you most likely will PLAN for good results.  Having a plan in place is critical to servicing and nurturing those leads… which makes for a successful lead generation program.

Just as an example:  You launched an email campaign.  You wrote a white paper with some really, really great content and a call to action that requests for the reader to go to your website and take a quick assessment.  Once they take the assessment, you will need to spend 20 minutes preparing a report (which will demonstrate how you might bring value to them) with which you will then contact the lead … and meet with them on the phone or in person.

Now pretend that you received 50 leads from this email campaign!  How much time will this take for you to service these leads?  Almost 17 hours… just to prepare the reports!  Then, you will need to contact and meet with them… if you don’t you will let them down and you will lose credibility in their minds.

As you can see… it is very critical to use foresight… don’t drive in the fog!

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Is Your B2B Lead Generation in an Emergency State

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Feb 10, 2012 @ 06:03 PM

The fire sirens just went off outside my office…!  Where is the fire?  What is wrong?  Is someone hurt?  There is an emergency… somewhere…

Makes me think of the state of many companies’ B2B Lead Generation program.  Lead generation is so critical in the state of any company’s health.

How is your lead generation program faring?  In this economy, it isn’t unusual to hear… “My pipeline is dried up?”  “Sales quit coming in?”  “Cash flow is dwindling?”  Emergency situations are not fun.  What can be done to keep emergencies from happening?

fire truck-resized-600The solution goes back to an effective lead generation program.  Here are some tips to keeping your lead generation program vibrant:

1.)  Spend a little (at least) time on prospecting/lead generation each and every work day.

2.)  Implement a plan that you can temporarily “put on auto pilot.”  This could be pre-scheduled emails or blog articles.  (Make sure you have good call to actions that take your prospects to your website’s landing pages so they can become qualified leads!)  It might be that you hire someone or outsource part of the marketing plan so things are happening even while you (and your staff) aren’t working.

3.)  As I mentioned above, make sure that your website is ready and able to handle visitors who have an interest in your services.  If it is set up properly, your website can be the vehicle that handles many of your prospects questions.

For more information about how to set up your website as the “hub” for your lead generation, just email us:

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Warm up with some B2B Lead Generation Tips

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Feb 17, 2012 @ 06:01 PM

Depending on where you spend your winter, you may be in a cold or in a warm climate.  If you are like me, it is cold outside and everytime you leave home or the office, you need to bundle up.  No fun!

Some people look at their B2B Lead Generation Program as that cold place to go. . . no fun!  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Read on to warm up to some ways to make your lead generation marketing time a fun place to be.

First, let’s think about why you even do lead generation to begin with…

1.)  To help people/businesses enjoy what you have to offer

2.)  To warm someone else’s life because your product/service will make their day (or their year)

3.)  To enhance the experience your customer/client has in one way, shape or form.

Doesn’t that warm you up, just thinking about how you can help others with what you have to offer?

Second, do all of your prospects understand the benefits of what you offer or do?

1.)  Warm up with some ideas of how to “warm up” your prospects… What is the easiest way for them to experience your warmth?  Can they see it?  Taste it?  Feel it?  Smell it?  Do something warm to grab their attention.

2.)  Remember that not everyone will understand the benefits the first time they see or hear about your product/service… Think about warm ways to drip those benefits on them

3.)  Can you email them something warm every few weeks?  Send them to something special on your website?  Offer them some warm information that will capture their attention…

Finally, think about how you can tell if your prospects are “warmed up.”

1.)  Did they open your email?  Call them and say that you sent them an email and just wanted to follow up by phone.

2.)  Did they download something from your website?  Call them ASAP… most likely they’ll be surprised that you care enough to do it!

3.)  Did you send them something warm in the mail?  Touch base with them by email… another touch.

Warm touches help!  Please post some “warm” ideas for our readers!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

Important Lead Generation Technique: Know Your Lead

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Feb 24, 2012 @ 02:31 PM

This past week, my brother Dean had sinus surgery.  You might be wondering what in the world does this have to do with lead generation?!  Let me give you just a little insight…

Dean had a previous surgery about ten years ago, and his polyps grew back.  Now, he needed them to go in once again and clean out his sinuses.

know your leadThe surgeon told him that because of his previous surgery, the “landmarks” are no longer as clear and therefore, surgery becomes more difficult.  Because our sinuses are near our eyes and our brain, it is always a concern for any surgeon that nothing is damaged.  But, with this being a second surgery, things are even more critical.

However, the surgeon told Dean that he will be using image guidance which will help him better know where he is and what he can do.  Although the outcome in any surgery is in higher Hands, this new(er) technology helped the surgeon perform a successful surgery.

Here is how this relates to lead generation:  The more you know about your lead the more successful your lead generation techniques will be.  Knowing some critical details will help guide your process in developing the lead.

So, how do you best “get to know” your leads?

A few techniques (and tools) we use are:

1.) Perform a research study on a pool of potential lead contacts.  Conduct a survey to get some of the information that is helpful to know before you actually engage with them.  (previous blog posts discussed this in greater details)

2.) Put your leads on a “lead nurturing campaign.”  Watch what the do… do they open your emails?  Do they click through to your links?  Do they download any of your content?  By watching this you can learn more about exactly where their interests lie.

3.)  Check them out on social media… read their LinkedIn profiles and their Facebook pages… follow them on Twitter … Google their name and their company… You may be surprised what all you find.

4.)  Finally, systematize this research and then take all the information you have obtained and decide if this lead is one worth pursuing…

What system do you use to do this work?  Some of it can easily be done by hand, but it is nice to have a system to keep the information together and easily accessible.

Let us know if you would like some ideas on how to do this!

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5 Tips to Accelerate Business Lead Generation

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Mar 02, 2012 @ 04:22 PM

Business lead generation is a very important part of the success of any company.  Without it, there is little chance for growth, let alone survival.

Granted, lead generation is not often “easy.”  However, because it is so important, the key is to find the best ways to make it a natural, comfortable, and positive part of the business.

First, a whole lot depends on management’s perspective of lead generation.  A first step – a critical step – is for management to place emphasis and importance on the role of lead generation and reward those who work hard to bring in the business (not just the sales people, but also those in marketing).

The acknowledgement from the top down that marketing/lead generation is important for business can do wonders for results!

Secondly, find a comfortable approach.  Consider your business… consider your target market… how do they think?  what is important to them?  what would get their attention?  Develop an approach that is comfortable for both you and them.  This could take some deep thought and creative thinking.  Brainstorm with everyone who plays a part in this critical task.

Plan ahead resized 600Thirdly, put together an overview of steps.  Plan it out from start to finish.  Don’t worry about writing up a 24 page document.  Just outline the steps.  Make it clear for everyone. Get started!

Step #4 – Team up with a buddy.  Following the outlined steps, set goals together.  Hold one another accountable.  It helps!

Finally, REWARD yourself!  Set the rewards ahead of time.  “If XXXX happens, then I will get to take off an hour early…etc.”  Cherish every success.  Let your buddy know.  Celebrate together if you can.

Follow these five steps and you will watch your business lead generation program grow!

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Enjoy the weekend!

Two minutes to Enhanced B2B Lead Generation

Posted by Helen Steidinger on Fri, Mar 09, 2012 @ 06:04 PM

Here it is late on Friday afternoon… I have been wanting to write this all day, but I kept getting interrupted… the sun is shining, you know, and I just had to run out and do some errands!

Actually, I’ll make this quick…

Are you on LinkedIn?  We have found this to be a must – it’s simple and quick to start your profile –  especially for successful B2B Lead Generation.  There are so many strategies that can enhance your marketing success through LinkedIn.  We wrote a quick e-paper on three tips on how LinkedIn can help you “get found” online.

Quick grab our e-paper – illustrating a few simple steps that take about two minutes that may connect you to that “most wonderful lead EVER!”

Hopefully, you have already set up your LinkedIn profile and have a good start to it, but click here to download our short e-paper with the three steps to more online success!

Updating your LinkedIn profile to take advantage of these few simples steps should only take about two minutes.  Quick grab these tips now – just click here.

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